INDUSTRIAUMBRA was born in 2020 as a result of the merger between two fine companies from Umbria:
Brefiocart leading supplier of archive folders for office and school and fisadorelli which partnered with leading European companies in developing and manufacturing POS items and secondary https://situspelni.com/ packaging.
An undisputed managing ability aimed at an uninterrupted innovation is the main feature underlying this ambitious project. Its aim is to enlarge the company’s size and to gain skills slot bonus new member 100 and abilities which are needed to maintain the key role as partner and not simply supplier of the clients.
A larger company means strengthened industrial abilities which, along with a consolidated management and an undisputed leadership on the domestic and international markets, represent the prerequisites for a future https://roccarainola.net/wp-includes/slot-deposit-dana/ development.

logo brefiocart

Brefiocart founded in 2003 by Bruno Fiorucci relies on long industrial tradition of manufacturing paper-made archive folders and school supplies. During the years it became the market leader combining its commercial rtp slot pragmatic and productive peculiarity with a precise strategy of domestic development. It succeeded in providing a unique service to its clients in terms of quality, industrial competitiveness, just in time services and a wide range of over six hundred products sorted by brand; this has never ceased to be its prime asset.

logo fisadorelli

fisadorelli, was founded in 2011 following the collaboration between FisaKartotecnica and entrepreneur Alessio Dorelli. The former was a well established paper processing company owned by Biagioni family. fisadorelli became the European reference for POS items as proven by the many international awards received so far. It aimed at bridging the gap between the creative powerhouse and its implementation, such ability remained unknown to the market. It was the very first Italian company to plan / develop and create POS items providing a complete service which also includes installation at retail.




Responsibility towards personnel, environment and customer’s satisfaction.
Main values of INDUSTRIAUMBRA are personnel empowerment, ethically sustainable choices, extra environmental care; all this leads to a long lasting, continuing and sustainable company’s growth.
The company is aware of its social role in enhancing the skills, the know-how and general heritage of the local community which enjoys, internationally, a very high profile in the atwork and paper-processing context.

Our primary goal is the customer satisfaction driven by investments in highly added value activities. We make sure all market’s demands are properly met and provide an exceptional quality standard at competitive prices and an ever-increasing level of efficiency. All this means a renewed sense for improvement and limit for any type of waste.


UNI EN ISO 9001:2015

INDUSTRIAUMBRA complies to the UNI EN ISO 9001:2015 standard. It pursues an improvement of the whole company’s organisation.

UNI EN ISO 14001:2015

INDUSTRIAUMBRA complies to the UNI EN ISO 14001:2015. It pursues a steady improvement, a significant care of the environment and a decrease of its risks.


As a show of its commitment to the environmental issue, INDUSTRIAUMBRA complies to the FSC® standard. This is an international non-government body which controls the chain of custody and ensures a careful forestry management all over the world according to the criteria of environmental, social and economical responsibility.


As a show of its commitment to the environmental issue, INDUSTRIAUMBRA complies to the PEFC standard. This is an acknowledgment of the whole wood processing cycle according to the SFM (sustainable forestry management) a the CoC (chain of custody).


INDUSTRIAUMBRA chose to join SEDEX according to the SMETA ethical and social methodology (SEDEX MEMBERS ETHICAL TRADE AUDIT) whose guidelines are based on the international Code of Conduct: ETI – ETHICAL TRADING INITIATIVE.

Quality policy, environment
and “Chain of Custody – COC”